About Virology

Virology has been THE journal for virologists since 1955 (we celebrated Virology’s 60th anniversary by publishing a special Diamond Anniversary edition). Our mission is to publish the results of basic research in all branches of virology.  We publish papers on virus replication, pathogenesis, immunity, structure, evolution, interactions with host biology.

Did you know that Virology has an Open Archive? All articles are free access after 12 months, and all special issues and review articles are immediate free access.

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We hope that you enjoy visiting our Virology Highlights blog. Here you can read about the best Virology research, with immediate free access to the corresponding original article on ScienceDirect. The highlighted research on this blog is selected by the editors of Virology from among the papers published each month. Each blog post is written by researchers, who tell you more about their work. Here you can read more about Virology Highlights.

Benefits to authors

  • Free submission: no page charges.
  • Free color figures, both online and in print.
  • Free access to all special issues and review articles.
  • Open Archive: free access after 12 months for all regular content.
  • Virology Highlights: Read about the best research on Virology’s blog, with free access to the articles on ScienceDirect.
  • Fast publication and peer review. Was your paper rejected by Scienceor Nature? Submit it now with the reviews and benefit from a fast decision.
  • Simpler submission: submit in any format or layout.

Publishing in Virology

Virology is published by Elsevier. Read our Guide for Authors and consider Virology for your next paper. If you require any further information or help, you can visit our support pages: http://support.elsevier.com.